Meet The Team

Made in Austria.

We are an Austrian tech startup company, based in Vienna, which designs and develops electronic Musical Instruments and Human User Interfaces.

We believe that capturing the creative spark in the right moment, should be an immediate, accessible and intuitive experience.

We create the tools for those moments.

We see ourselves, ultimately, as enabling those who go the extra mile for something remarkable – aspiring to witness a miracle, those who dare to dream and in turn inspire us to make that dream a reality.

Designed, manufactured, hand-assembled and hand-calibrated to the highest quality specifications in Vienna, Austria.

Each and every single product deserves and gets the same love and treatment, from the very first sketch on paper to the final bow on the packaged box.

It’s our privilege and duty to be able devote time to the finer details until the lines blur and the experience is seamless.

We are Engineers, Designers, Architects, Illustrators, Sculptors, Developers, Composers, DJs, VJs, Performers and perpetually curious kids who are deeply in love with the Arts & Technology.

We are birdkids.