42hp System

TheBateleur 42hp System is a USB-powered, modular, analog synthesizer.

It comes ready-to-play with a USB-Power Charger, patch cables and a MIDI-to-3.5mm Adapter for a seamless connection.

Manufactured, hand-assembled and calibrated to the highest quality specifications in Vienna, Austria.

The system is comprised of five, separate (Eurorack), modules:

What's in the box:

TheBateleur 42hp System is a 100% analog self-sufficient, musical instrument that can be integrated into any configuration – be it in a standalone or modular fashion.

Technical Specifications for the modules:

Power / MIDI
Envelope Generator
Expander 6hp
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Mixer / Noise

Here are some patch ideas / Quick Start guides to get you started:

001 Simple Bassline

002 Mello Flute

003 Rezzy Hats

004 Sub Bass

005 Fusion Lead

006 Duophonics

007 VCF Sync

008 BIT Square

009 Bassdrum

010 Clap / Snare

011 Rimshot

012 TomTom

013 Cymbal / Ride

014 Morphing Fretless Bass